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Efficient Dryer Vent Cleaning Equipment

August 20, 2020

Cleaning dryer vents in either residential or commercial environments require the use of reliable dryer vent cleaning tools to make sure that vents are professionally cleaned and are free from lint and debris. 


The following essential tools from Heat Seal Equipment can be added to your toolkit so you are always ready for any job:


Skipper line with reverse skipper ball 

A basic yet complete dryer vent cleaning equipment that consists of a skipper line tubing and a reverse skipper ball as the agitation tool. Designed to be used outside the building, the skipper ball effectively removes lint and debris in vents and pushes them towards the operator. 

Non-spinning forward skipper ball

An effective agitation tool, the non-spinning forward skipper ball blasts air out that loosens and pushes debris forward or away from the operator. 

Skipper line tubing 

Perfect for reverse blowing skipper balls, skipper line tubing can reach the deep areas of long ducts. Its crimped brass sleeves will not catch on anything in the ductwork and will leave no scratches on the inner surface of the duct. Made of urethane, this skipper line tubing also won’t get stiff in cold weather. 

Furthermore, it is flexible enough to go around corners making it a good tool to remove lint and dust and debris found in the opening of main trunk lines.

Spinning brush

One of the most powerful dryer vent cleaning tools, the Scorpion spinning airbrush is ideal for abrasive cleaning. Its fast spinning brush gets rid of lint and debris from vents backward or towards the operator. 


If you are looking to enhance your equipment, talk to one of our representatives today and we’ll show how easy and effective our dryer vent cleaning tools are. Heat Seal is a lead manufacturer and supplier of quality air handling equipment since 1975. Call us now at 905.683.9223 to learn more.