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The Essential Duct Cleaning Tools for Your Air Duct Cleaning Business

November 12, 2018

The duct cleaning business is a big one, as various buildings and homes are constantly in need of having their ducts cleaned throughout Toronto and its greater area. If you’re part of the duct cleaning industry, it’s important to have top quality duct cleaning tools to provide the best cleaning service possible.


When you’re looking to buy quality duct cleaning tools for your business, we at Heat Seal Equipment have the products for you!


Our selection of duct cleaning tools is sure to help your air duct cleaning business succeed. From vacuums and air compressor systems to suction hoses and rods, we offer a number of products, including:



Whether you’re in need of a vehicle-mounted system or a portable one, we have you covered. We offer systems that can be mounted in both vans and trucks, as well as a portable model that’s easily maneuverable, lightweight, and highly reliable.



Available in both gas and electric-powered variants, our air compression systems are portable and powerful. When you need something to power those scorpion rods for your duct cleaning job, our compressors are fully capable of getting the job done.



Vacuums and compressors aren’t enough to get the job done. Duct cleaning involves the use of suction hoses for your vacuum systems to suck up all the debris and channel it into your disposal unit. We offer suction hoses in both transparent and non-transparent variants that come range in different lengths - in 6”, 8” and 10” – to accommodate your specific cleaning job.


Scorpion Rods & Skipper Balls

Scorpion rods are used in conjunction with skipper balls to dislodge any debris within an air duct. By channeling air using an air compressor through a scorpion rod with an attached skipper ball, forces and unsettles all of the dirt and debris with an air duct. This allows duct cleaning jobs to be done a lot easier once all the debris is dislodged as it can easily be vacuumed.