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5 Essential Duct Cleaning Accessories

August 09, 2023

To start a successful HVAC cleaning business, it is essential to have the right air duct cleaning equipment. Right from duct cleaning vacuum to hoses and more, it is vital to have high-quality tools at your disposal. It is equally important to have a few duct cleaning accessories, as you may never know when you might need it during a particular task. In this blog, 5 such tools will be explored.


Crucial Accessories For Duct Cleaning


Hand Seamers


Air ducts, apart from becoming dirty and filled with contaminants, can also get out of shape. To ensure it returns to its original shape, hand seamers are used. They are mainly used to repair square ducts.


Turbo Shears


Sometimes during a cleaning job, it might be required to cut through ductwork to effectively carry out the task. Turbo shears are used for this purpose, as they can easily cut through obstacles and the air duct cleaning equipment can do their job efficiently.




Square-shaped ducts can be fixed using hand seamers, but what about round-shaped ducts? To fix them, crimpers are used. After fixing any damage on round ductwork, the cleaning task can commence as per plan.


Fin Straightening Tools


As the name suggests, this air duct cleaning tool is used to straighten out any fins present in air conditioning or other HVAC equipment. These fins can become bent due to accidents, collisions or presence of rodents and other pests. Hence, straightening them during a cleaning job can significantly improve the functionality of a system.


Duct Rippers


To remove dust and debris from a duct system, it is essential to bring a vacuum hose within. Moreover, all hoses may not be long or maneuverable enough to carry out the task. Thus, it is necessary to cut a hole in a part of the duct work that needs extensive cleaning, from which the vacuum hose can be inserted. Duct rippers perform this task by making a hose-sized hole in the ducting.



If you are on the lookout for air duct cleaning tools, Heat Seal Equipment Ltd. can help. We are a Canadian company that designs and manufactures high-quality and durable air-handling equipment. Contact us today to place an order or an inquiry.