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Insulation Removal Equipment

April 03, 2019

Insulation Removal Equipment

As its name suggests, an insulation removal vacuum removes old insulation that has become compromised by sucking it through a suction house and into insulation removal bag. It is important to remove compromised insulation as it could decrease the efficiency of your air systems. Compromised insulation can be the result of many factors. Old age, fire, mold and mildew, or even rodent infestation can contribute to compromised insulation. The solution to removing compromised insulation is through the strong force of suction through the use of specialized air handling equipment.


The following are the materials and equipment used in the process of removing compromised insulation out of an air system.


  • Insulation Removal Vacuum: insulation removal vacuums are a heavy duty version of your conventional vacuum cleaner. Portable and (relatively) easy to handle – they are powered by 14HP Subaru Gas. Benefits of Heat Seal’s vacuum include a 5-year warranty on the engine, and a 1-year warranty on manufacturer welds.


  • Black Knight 6” Suction Hose: Polyethylene ribbed suction hoses like the Black Knight 6” hose, are incredibly durable in their ability to efficiently pass through large volumes of insulation through.


  • Insulation Removal Bag: bigger suction power will also require bigger disposal bags. Heat Seal offers a wide selection of insulation removal bags that have the capacity to hold up to 75 cubic feet.


A Few Final Reminders

It is important to opt for insulation removal equipment offered by a reputable air handling manufacturer. With over 40 years of experience, Heat Seal has built a reputable name for itself within the air handling equipment industry. We design, develop, and manufacture high-quality air handling equipment and materials for your home. Regardless of need – we are fully capable of providing you with a solution. Give us a call today to learn more about our line of quality air-handling equipment and accessories.