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Why Is Air Duct Cleaning Essential for HVAC Energy Performance?

September 16, 2019

The use of air duct cleaning equipment can go a long way in helping adhere to the maintenance and cleanliness of HVAC units.


However, adherence to these procedures can be inconsistent. This is because there is a rudimentary understanding behind how they help maintain your system.


Imparting an appreciation and understanding behind how air duct cleaning equipment can prolong your HVAC system will lead to stricter cleaning adherence, and is the aim of today’s piece:


Evaporator Coil

The cool air provided by an HVAC system is accomplished by passing through an evaporator coil. The reason dirt and debris can affect the cooling potential of this coil is because significant buildup on its surface is insulative in nature, naturally leading to higher energy consumption as more time is required to reach the same temperature. Moreover, buildup has been shown to occur between the coil fins, acting as an additional barrier towards achieving optimal airflow.


Reheat Coil

Sharing many similar design features to an evaporator coil, reheat coils can be found at the terminal end of a duct system, providing a second pass of heat for the air in a HVAC system. The narrow interstices of the fins parallel those of a filter, accumulating with fine matter over time. It is recommended you inspect and clean these coils when necessary so that heated air is properly distributed for a working space.



Regulation and control of the airflow within a duct is done through a valve known as a damper. These dampers are fabricated with varying blade types, depending on how the air stream is to be circulated.


However, in all cases the amalgamation of particulates on dampers is notoriously symptomatic of airflow restriction, as well as inhibiting the range of motion the blades were designed for. Factors such as these are a primary cause for increased pressure on the unit and compressor, invariably reducing the unit’s lifespan and increasing its energy consumption.


Clean Your Air Ducts with Superior Equipment

For over 40 years, Heat Seal Equipment Ltd. have specialised in providing air duct cleaning equipment. Contractors for duct cleaning have found solace in the turnkey solutions we provide for their role. Reach out to a consultant to learn how we can make duct cleaning easier for you!