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All You Need To Know About Suction Hose

July 13, 2023

Duct-cleaning vacuum is a major tool used in many duct sanitization projects. It is connected to the required duct using a suction hose. This hose has the desired vacuum to suck in any unwanted dust and debris, thereby effectively cleaning the duct. But why is a suction hose designed the way it is? Furthermore, why is it important to avoid certain structural changes to prevent long-lasting damage to it? This blog will discuss a suction hose’s design and these structural changes in detail.


The Design Of A Suction Hose


An integral part of the duct-cleaning vacuum, a suction hose is characterized by ridges on the exterior of the pipe and a smooth interior. The ridges on the outside offer it the flexibility it requires to navigate corners and tight spaces and perform its task properly.


Similarly, the interior of the pipe needs to be smooth to maximize the suction vacuum and to prevent any abrasion as particles like dust or mould are drawn through the hose. 


With an idea of its basic design, now it’s time to explore why this air duct cleaning equipment is perfectly round in most cases.




Most suction hoses used in duct-cleaning vacuums are round. However, with time or due to certain damages, it can take on a more oval shape. This is known as ovalization and is a major concern for any contractor using this hose for an operation. 


The oval sections of the hose are more prone to collapse due to high vacuum than round segments. With enough ovalization, the section of the pipe can be permanently damaged, requiring a replacement. Hence, it is vital to prevent a suction to become misshapen. 


Fortunately, Heat Seal Equipment Limited has just the solution for you in the form of the Black Knight Hose. It has a polythene rib on the outside instead of the wire helix used in most conventional suction hoses. This will prevent the ovalization of the pipe to a great extent. The company also offers a plethora of other air duct-cleaning equipment such as duct-cleaning rods, skipper balls, and more. Contact us today to learn more or to place an order.