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Commonly Used Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

June 14, 2022

Dust and debris settling inside air ducts and vents is a common problem for homes and businesses using HVAC systems. HVAC systems perform best when there isn't any stress on them. Since dust and debris prevent the free flow of air through ducts, they create increased stress on the HVAC system. Increased energy and maintenance costs are associated with not cleaning the air ducts regularly.

Contractors use numerous air duct cleaning equipment to keep the air ducts clean. Heat Seal Equipment Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of such equipment, which include different types of brushes and whips.

Brushes and whips supplied by Heat Seal Equipment.

Scorpion scrub brush

Scorpion scrub brushes with 8.5" diameter bristles are preferred by contractors due to their effectiveness. The scrub brush is perfect for scrubbing debris and dirt from the duct walls. The air jets make it possible to blast the debris with air-jet once they are scrubbed off the wall.

Scorpion Spinning Brush
Scorpion spinning brush is one of our best products. This is ideal for cases in which a more aggressive brushing is required. It is important to note that this brush is suitable only for ducts with a diameter of less than 6". The bristles attached to the scorpion spinning brush works like helicopter blades and are suitable for pushing the debris back.

Octopus Predator Whip
Octopus predator whips come in low-pressure and high-pressure alternatives. The low-pressure models function with a pressure of as less as 100 PSI. Tentacles of the Octopus Predator Whip are long enough to reach the corners of your air ducts.

Mini Predator Whip
Mini Predator Whip can go through a hole as small as 1" hole. The tentacles are reusable and can be replaced as well. One of the significant benefits of Mini Predator Whip is that it won't hang up on wires or other obstructions. 

You can rely on Heat Seal Equipment Ltd. for the best air duct cleaning equipment. Get in touch with us today to get a free quote. We are also the leading supplier of duct masks