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Selecting Air Duct Cleaning Equipment For Light Commercial Tasks

October 05, 2023

A duct cleaning contractor must know what tools to carry for a particular task, as it can determine the result of the operation. When it comes to selecting air duct cleaning equipment for light commercial work, there are numerous options to consider. But one critical tool they need to carry here are skipper balls, and if required, a blow gun. In this blog, Heat Seal Equipment Ltd., a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality air duct cleaning tools, lays out the basic workings of these air washing tools and when is it optimal to use them.


Examining Skipper Balls And Blowguns


The three fundamental tools in air washing a duct are forward and reverse skipper balls and a blowgun. Here is how they operate:


Forward skipper balls: These operate by delivering highly pressurized air via their nozzles which are used to blast away dust, mould, and other debris. They are connected to skipper hoses and ultimately to a compressor delivering the pressurized air.


Reverse skipper balls: The operating principle is identical to forward skipper balls, but the only distinction is the direction of spin of the balls. This creates an effective air-washing tool that operates in the opposite direction.


Blowgun: As the name suggests, it is a more portable equipment wherein a single stream of high-pressure air is delivered to the targeted area via a slender tube, typically made of copper.


When To Select These Tools?


The requirement of skipper balls or blow guns relies on the particular operation. If the duct has light to medium dust buildup, then these air duct cleaning tools are perfect for the job. However, for more heavy-duty operations, air whipping systems might be required. These tools will be addressed in the subsequent blog.


If you are looking for an air-handling equipment supplier, look no further than Heat Seal Equipment Ltd. In business since 1975, we are a leading provider of high-quality air duct cleaning equipment and parts. Apart from equipment sales, we also provide maintenance and support to our clients, so we can confidently call ourselves a complete supply house for duct cleaning contractors. Call us today to inquire about our inventory of equipment and parts.