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Fogging Machine: An Important Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

March 21, 2022

Air ducts are vital for the effective distribution of air processed from your HVAC system. HVAC systems are important not only for distributing cold or hot air across your home, they are also important for maintaining indoor air quality. 


A clean and hygienic air duct is vital for ensuring that the indoor air quality does not drop. Conducting regular maintenance and cleaning of air ducts is essential for the effective functioning of your HVAC system.


There is various air duct cleaning equipment that professionals rely on for the best results, and fogging machine is one of them.

What makes fogging machine an important air duct cleaning tool?

The cleaning of air ducts can be divided into two steps:

  • Dust and debris removal
  • Disinfection

The removal of dust and debris can be done with the help of equipment like duct vacuums, whippers, air compressors, whips, snake rods, and blowguns.


Disinfection is an important part of the duct cleaning process. Air ducts and vents that are damp and have no exposure to sunlight are ideal for bacteria and mould growth. Over time, the bacteria and mould can spread to all areas of the vent. It is a known fact that bacteria and mould can cause respiratory diseases.


Fogging machine is a wonderful piece of equipment that enables the disinfection of even the remotest part of an air duct. Heat Seal Equipment supplies B & G fogging machine which is known for its many impressive features.


For example, you can adjust the output to get yourself a fine mist to heavy spray depending on your use. It comes with a 48-inch flexible discharge helping you reach nooks and corners of the air vents. The nozzle is compact, allowing access to tight corners with ease.


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