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Fundamentals Of Duct Cleaning Vacuums

July 26, 2022

Air duct cleaning is not something that most homeowners take seriously. However, the reality is that it should be absolutely on the top of everyone's priority list. If you have an HVAC system at your abode circulating processed air to all your rooms, it does so with the help of air ducts. Now, an unclean air duct is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.


Air ducts trap within them dust, allergens, hair, dander, and debris. Even rodents and mould are found inside air ducts. All these, if not cleaned, can add to problems of those with respiratory issues. Hiring a professional duct cleaning contractor is recommended. Duct cleaning vacuums are one of the most useful tools contractors possess. 

Everything you should know about duct cleaning vacuums


These vacuums work pretty much like the standard vacuum cleaners found in households. Only that the suction power of these vacuums is much stronger than their conventional counterparts used for domestic use. Air ducts are often long and situated in a complex shape. These factors make cleaning air ducts increasingly challenging without the right tools and equipment.


With the help of air duct vacuums that offer excellent suction power, contractors clean all the dust and debris accumulated in the air duct easily. For best results, duct cleaning contractors often use other tools to scrape dirt sticking to the interior walls of the air duct before using the vacuum for best results.


Contractors use whips of different types to dislodge dust and debris before using the vacuum. The way these whips work is by releasing compressed air with significant force, thus pushing the debris towards you. The attached tentacles move around the air duct due to the compressed air, scraping dirt off the walls of the air duct.


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