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Air Duct Cleaning Tools for Level 1 and 3 Cleaning

July 15, 2021

Air duct cleaning contractors have to work with different types of air ducts. The materials used to make these air ducts include sheet metal, duct board, flex duct, and so on. Given the different types of ductwork available, there is no single cleaning tool that can be used to work on all types and sizes of air ducts. Choosing the right air duct cleaning tool is very important because this will significantly affect your cleaning efficiency and quality.


The ultimate goal is to attain the highest level of cleanliness as quickly and efficiently as possible with your air duct cleaning tools.


The more productive the cleaners are in doing the job, the more profitable your air duct cleaning business will be. However, before you can decide on the various air duct cleaning tools available, it is important to also know the various levels of cleaning that can be done.


There are two most popular kinds of air duct cleaning. The first one is Level 1 cleaning. It is also called air washing and it uses high-pressure air produced by an air compressor. This pressurized air is released through a hose via a nozzle. As the nozzle delivers a stream of high-pressure air, the buildup of dirt and debris in the duct is dislodged.


The other level is called contact vacuuming or Level 3 cleaning. This level of cleaning involves the use of a vacuum that makes physical contact with the internal part of the ductwork. This kind of air duct cleaning efficiently removes the accumulated dirt and debris that are very common in air ducts and furnaces.


Using contact air duct cleaning tools is proven to attain a higher level of cleaning than other methods. This is mainly because the tools used are designed to take on stubborn dirt and dust build-up that get in the most difficult to reach parts of the ductwork. For more information on air duct cleaning tools, contact Heat Seal Equipment today.