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What Makes the Deluxe Champion Compressors from Heat Seal Stand Out

January 29, 2018

Air compressors play a critical role in duct cleaning because they make everything quick and easy. With increasing industrial quality and safety standards, it is important to ensure you purchase a duct cleaning air compressor that is fit for the task. Air compressors can either be portable or truck mounted. Truck mounted applications are mainly used for large outdoor applications while portable compressors can be used for indoor tasks like air duct cleaning.

Heat Seal Equipment manufactures industrial class Deluxe Champion compressors, which stand out among the big compressors in the industry. They are designed to meet quick power supply demands for large industrial and residential applications like duct cleaning.


Our duct cleaning air compressor delivers air at extremely high pressure, making it possible to quickly remove dust and accumulated dirt from the air duct. 


With adapted nozzles, it releases air under even great pressure. This significantly reduces the cleaning time and doesn’t necessitate additional vacuuming.


The duct cleaning air compressor is started by a centrifugal clutch which gives it an easy kick-start. It has a very high recovery speed and automatic regulation for air pressure. On average, it takes about 5 minutes to fill the 35-gallon tank to 240 PSI, which is quite high compared to other compressors in the industry. Our machine features a cast iron compressor with unique head unloaders that make it very safe.


Cast iron compressors rarely burst, even if subjected to higher pressure limits. The automatic pressure control ensures that the engine slows down to idle mode whenever the 240 PSI pressure is achieved. The centrifugal pressure also disengages. The consistent match between the design and functionality of this device makes it a favourite of most contractors.


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