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The Importance Of Disinfectants For Duct Cleaning

April 28, 2022

Air ducts are essential for distributing processed air from the HVAC system to the different rooms in a home. Due to the closed nature of air ducts, it is impossible to see with naked eyes the amount of dust and debris settled inside these ducts.


Maintaining indoor air quality is essential for taking care of your health in the long run. Pollutants inside the air ducts can contaminate the air and spread many allergies and in worst-case scenarios, even respiratory diseases.


It is essential to ensure that the air duct is not a breeding ground for bacteria. Apart from the many air duct cleaning tools that contractors use, chemicals and disinfectants are greatly helpful for this task.


Here is why disinfectants are important for a clean air duct


Once the air duct cleaning contractors use duct cleaning tools like air duct cleaning vacuums, skipper balls, compressors, suction hoses, and whip rods, all the stubborn dirt and debris are effectively removed.


However, once the duct is clear of dust, the next step is to completely disinfect. Fogging machine is one of the air duct cleaning tools extensively used by duct cleaning contractors for disinfecting.


Heat Seal Equipment Ltd supplies our clients with the latest fogging machine capable of reaching even the remotest corners of the air duct. We also supply disinfectants and chemicals that can be used with the fogging machine or directly to maintain the hygiene of air ducts.


Benefect disinfectant, one of the most sought-after disinfectants, is supplied by us at the best rates. this disinfectant kills over 99.99% of bacteria and fungus. Benefect is a botanical disinfectant that requires no mixing, rinsing, or wiping. 


We also supply Maintain C-1, a concentrated antimicrobial, used in HVAC systems and air ducts. It prevents the growth of micro-organisms in the entire system effectively.


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