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Your Guide To Buying Dryer Vent Cleaning Tools

July 09, 2018

Proper maintenance is incredibly important to the function and operation of any device. For dryer vent and duct cleaning, proper maintenance ensures that they’re working as intended while also optimizing their performance. This is done by using the proper duct and dryer vent cleaning tools.


When it comes to the maintenance of dryer vents, it’s vital that you have the best dryer vent cleaning tools available.


Here are some of the dryer vent cleaning tools necessary to perform proper maintenance:

  • Skipper Balls – A skipper ball is a small apparatus that is attached to the end of a skipper line or dryer vent snake. It has small holes that blow compressed air, agitating and dislodging any debris inside the dryer vent.
  • Skipper Lines – A skipper line is a tube that is used to channel a skipper ball inside the dryer vent from the outside of the house. It’s is typically attached to a skipper ball at one end and an air compressor on the other, in order to channel the compressed air to the skipper ball.
  • Dryer Vent Snakes – A dryer vent snake functions exactly like a skipper line, except it is channeled through from the inside of the house. Stiffer than skipper lines, it’s strong enough to break up any bird nests inside the dryer vent.


We at Heat Seal Equipment specialize in the design, development and manufacturing of not only air handling equipment but also repair and cleaning tools for their maintenance. We offer high quality vacuums, compressors, accessories and tools for you:

  • Vacuums – Heat Seal Equipment vacuums are among the best in the market today. We offer an array of both vehicle-mounted and portable units for your duct cleaning business!
  • Compressors – To power the vacuums for assist in dryer vent cleaning, we offer powerful and affordable air compressors.
  • Accessories and Tools – As previously mentioned, our company designs and manufactures dryer vent cleaning tools and accessories specifically for vent and duct cleaning. These dryer vent cleaning tools can help in maintaining and extending the service life of the air handling equipment


So the next time you’re in need of industrial vacuums, air compressors, or any accessories or tools for your duct cleaning business, look no further than us at Heat Seal Equipment. We have the high quality products that you need!