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3 Tips to Help You Buy The Right Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

December 23, 2022

The air duct cleaning business is one of the most profitable and the one that will be in constant demand, especially among commercial businesses. And the best way for duct cleaning contractors to gain their commercial client’s loyalty and grow their customer base is to provide quality service that lasts for years. Thus, it is crucial to use quality air duct cleaning equipment. In this blog, we will cover three tips that will help contractors buy the right air duct cleaning equipment for commercial projects. 


Tips to Help You Buy The Right Air Duct Cleaning Equipment for Commercial Projects


1. Buy equipment from trusted suppliers

The key to providing quality duct cleaning service lies in the equipment used to do the job. There are multiple air duct cleaning equipment suppliers with different levels of dedication to their clients. Look at things such as company reviews, the number of years the company has been in business, clients the company has worked with etc. The more the supplier has to offer to their clients, the higher his reputation. 


2. Buy from a supplier that offers a comprehensive set of tools

It is recommended to buy all equipment from a single supplier as it makes re-ordering replacement parts easier. For instance, you need to make sure the supplier has the suction hoses and accessories that match the air duct cleaning vacuum you bought from them. The same goes for duct-cleaning skipper balls and rods. 


3. Schedule regular equipment maintenance

Certain air duct cleaning equipment suppliers offer machine service and maintenance. Have your air duct cleaning vacuums serviced at least once a year and perform regular inspections and minor maintenance (engine oil change, parts replacement etc.) upon completing any major commercial project. This will ensure the long life of your air duct cleaning vacuums. 


Heat Seal Equipment Ltd. is a trusted supplier of air handling equipment, serving clients globally since 1975. We design and manufacture our line of duct cleaning machines, both gas and electric-powered, as well as insulation-blowing equipment. We also supply all necessary tune-up and replacement parts. Contact us today to learn more about our products, or email us to inquire about a product of your interest.