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Aspects to Consider When Disposing of Old Insulation

February 21, 2023

Insulation is an important part of any house. It helps create a comfortable microclimate in homes and allows homeowners to save on heating and cooling costs. The average lifespan of insulation is between 80 to 20 years, depending on the type. When it comes to removing old insulation, there are certain aspects to keep in mind, regardless of whether you are a homeowner looking to re-insulate your home or a contractor providing insulation removal services to your clients. So let’s review them below.


What does the insulation removal process entail?


Assessing the condition of the existing insulation

It is important to assess the state of old insulation before removing it. Some insulation materials can accumulate asbestos which can be dangerous, and thus will require a professional insulation removal service to be called to remove it. Assessment is also important to understand whether signs of deterioration are present and whether old insulation is damaged by mould. 


Using proper equipment and accessories 

As mentioned before, old insulation can sometimes accumulate dangerous materials over time. Therefore, it is important that it’s collected into proper insulation removal bags. You might be tempted to use regular garbage bags instead. However, this is not the best and safest idea. Insulation removal vacuum bags are made of polypropylene which is stronger than the material regular garbage bags are made of and thus can hold old insulation within properly without ripping. 


Considering municipal regulations

Before you take old insulation to a local waste and recycling centre, learn if they accept such type of waste for disposal and/or recycling. Municipalities have strict regulations that govern waste management. Old insulation is a type of waste that does not qualify for curbside pickup. Thus, you’ll need to take it to the closest waste drop-off location and pay for disposal. You can also use the City of Toronto’s Waste Wizard tool to learn how to dispose of old insulation. 


Removing old insulation helps achieve better air quality and improves the home’s energy efficiency. It can also reveal hidden mould that’s invisibly growing in the house. 


Old insulation removal is a labour-intensive process that requires the use of specialized equipment. If you are in search of quality insulation removal vacuums and/or accessories such as insulation removal vacuum bags, reach out to Heat Seal. We are proud to be the leading manufacturer of a complete line of insulation blowing and spraying equipment. Contact us today to get a quote!