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Reducing Effort And Time With The Right Insulation Blowing Machine

May 03, 2018

Improper installation of insulation can lower the R-value of the material and lower its effectiveness. Any professional who has had experience with an inadequate insulation blowing machine will know the effort and time it then takes to correct the gaps left.


Heat Seal is the most trusted go-to insulation blowing machine and accessories maker in the industry.


Read on to discover what it is that makes us the insulation blowing machine provider of choice:


  1. Durable and reliable – We know that your insulation blowing equipment is going to bear the brunt and shocks of being on the road, being hauled in and out of vehicles, and extended running periods. Which is why we build reliable and durable machines to the highest quality.
  2. Fuel choice – Our insulation blowing machines come in three fuel choices: gas, diesel and electric. This allows you the flexibility of choosing the machine which matches the fuel most convenient for you.
  3. Airlock exhaust – The airlock exhaust in our insulation blowing machines is a bleed off mechanism which results in improved coverage and greatly reduces dust billowing in the attic.
  4. Double clutches – Operable remotely, these allow air and material flow to be modulated.
  5. Safety clutch – The safety clutch in our insulation blowing machines slips when any foreign object debris jams the machine.
  6. Shredder – The shredder is a key component in insulation blowing; ours feature a double shredder with self-cleaning tines. The side opening window allows easy access and plexiglass on the front door lets the operator measure the level of insulation.


In addition, we offer a number of useful blowing hose and hose accessories, wooden wall plugs and more.


Our line-up is efficient and cost-effective. The option of which fuel is used to power the machine offers a great deal of flexibility. We are the go-to supplier for insulation needs in Toronto and the GTA. We also ship our products across the USA and Canada.