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The Right Dryer Vent Cleaning Tools

May 14, 2018

Getting your dryer vent cleaned professionally may seem excessive to some, but the importance of having your vent cleaned with appropriate dryer vent cleaning tools, rather than a broom shoved obliquely into the vent, cannot be exaggerated.


Dryers have provided tremendous convenience to modern life and are deeply integrated into modern (and even not so modern homes). The vent for moisture laden air from the dryer will protrude from a wall or the roof. Sometimes this route is a simple straight path, in other installations it can be more circuitous.


Getting your dryer duct cleaned by professionals with the right dryer vent cleaning tools is essential for a safe and sanitary home.


Having a professional crew clean out using the correct dryer vent cleaning tools periodically is, therefore, essential to keep your dryer performing optimally, keeping your energy costs low and reducing the risk of fire to your home, and the possibility of unhygienic contamination leeching from the outside.


We look at why you need specialized dryer vent cleaning tools when performing (or having a professional) clear out your dryer vent.


  • Vent brushes – If you have ever felt a dryer vent brush, you’ll notice it is a stiffer texture than other brushes that look the same. It is shaped to agitate even the most stubborn lint from inside the duct. Spinner brushes actually thresh out debris when an aggressive approach is required.


  • Vacuum piping – How deep a typical home vacuum can actually go before its (lack of) structural rigidity gives up doesn’t need elaborating. Instead, professional cleaners always carry dryer vent ‘snakes’ in their collection of dryer vent cleaning tools. These are rigid enough that they can push through lint build-up, but flexible enough to snake around corners. What’s more, they come with quick disconnects, which makes it easy to attach a variety of different accessories.


  • Skipper balls – These are indispensable widgets, which ‘lead the charge’ on your duct cleaning. Professionals’ dryer vent cleaning tools will often include a combination of spinning and non-spinning skipper balls. Used in conjunction with air pressure to blow towards or away from the user, these are essential for loosening and removing debris.


Heat Seal has been a trusted provider of dryer vent cleaning tools and other air handling equipment since 1975. We are the equipment provider of choice with professionals and contractors. We provide a range of dryer vent cleaning tools and a plethora of other equipment, including for foam insulation blowing and removal, duct cleaning.


Our equipment is thoughtfully designed to ensure ease of use and easy integration into your business, for instance various vacuum pump options and insulation blowing machines configured to work on different fuels.