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The steady accumulation of fabric particles and lint that can get trapped in your dryer vent will eventually result in decreased performance of the machine and even malfunctions. Worse still, these can cause a fire hazard which can overheat and ignite the lint which is highly flammable.

Getting your dryer vent cleaned periodically is essential to keeping your home safe and sanitary. Though homeowners sometimes believe this be accomplished via DIY, getting a professional cleaning crew will yield results which go beyond the first 2 feet of your dryer vent. How? Professionals carry specialized dryer vent cleaning tools that make snaking into the duct and a thoroughly possible.

Using a duct mask when testing the pressure of a duct is incredibly helpful. It acts as a temporary seal for grills and registers on walls and ceilings. This blog post details more information about duct masks, and how they can help your duct cleaning business.

Heat Seal is the reputed go-to for reliable and durable insulation blowing machines. We offer a variety of fuel choices to power your machine, convenient features to make the job that much easier, safer and faster. For instance our remote system to modulate air and material flow; and the airlock exhaust which reduces billowing dust in the attic.

When you're in the shop for insulation removal vacuum bags, you need top-of-the-line, high quality products. But what exactly does that mean? Our latest blog post details the best features you should look for when shopping for an insulation removal vacuum bag.