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Insulation Blowing / Insulation Blowing Machine
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HS 5500 PTO

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 AIRLOCK EXHASUTER:  This bleed off mechanism results in improved coverage and greatly reduces dust in the attic.

 OUTPUT: Cellulose 135 bags/hr. (4,050 lbs – 1,840 kg.), Fibreglass 82 bags/hr. (2,952 lbs – 1,342 kg.), Rockwood 100 bags/hr. (3,600 lbs – 1,636 kg.).
 RIGHT ANGLED GEARBOX:  Right angled heavy duty gearbox by Morse. Specifically designed to last the life of the machine. 

 DOUBLE CLUTCHES:  Electro-magnetic double clutches allow air and material flow to be controlled individually by remote control. Expected life 10 to 15 years. 

 SAFETY CLUTCH:  Safety clutch will slip if any foreign material jams the machine. 

 REMOTE CONTROL:  Box mounted on side of machine. Relays are plug in type. 150’ remote cord supplied. 

 AIR CONTROL:  Bleed off valves can be operated independently. One way air valve prevents insulation from backing up into blower. 

 MATERIAL CONTROL:  Slide gate. 

 HOPPER: 50-cubic foot capacity, made with heavy gauge metal with heavy-duty reinforced feeder paddles for uniform material feed.
 SHREDDER:  Double shredder with self-cleaning tinges. Hinged doors on each side for easy access. Front door has plexiglass material feed monitoring window. 

 AIRLOCK CHAMBER:  Rotary type, plate steel construction (wear resistant), 20” long with 12” diameter with 4” outlet. (Recommended 150' of 3.5" hose).

 BLOWER:  Positive dispalcement 4L rotary lobe blower. 7 psi, 433 CFM.

DIMENSIONS:  48 1/2" wide, 72" long, 60" high. Shipping weight: 1,485 lbs.


INSTALLATION:  When installed correctly, only outside air is used for the blower intake.