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Scorpion Rod Cleaning Package

1/4" or 3/8" Airline Fitting Available


Includes our new rod, an extra whip and the choice of 3/8" airline fittings for better performance.

*Note:  Higher air pressure is more productive and cleans easier.


This scorpion system is made up of rods and snakes that are hollow and carry high pressure air to the interchangeable agitation devices.
These rods have quick disconnects so they can be joined together quickly and allow you to push the agitation device up to 100' in the duct work and everything will go through a 1" hole (except for the SSFB).
The rods are designed not to come apart inside the duct.
Compressed air causes the tentacles on the predator and octopus whips to thrash in every direction at once hitting the duct work and wiping it clean.
If there are pieces of heavy debris that will not become airborne, you will use either a forward or reverse blowing skipper ball to push or pull the debris to the suction hose.
The Octopus Predator Whip has less “wallop” than the Mini Predator.
The Mini Predator Whip has less “wallop” than the Single Predator Whip.
The lighter the “wallop” the easier it is to clean fragile duct work. Eg. flexduct or insulated duct.