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Rod Care & Maintenance


Dip fittings in mineral oil (varsol or paint thinner) and give them a blast of air from a blowgun which cleans the liquid and the dust out of them.
Do this several times to get them really clean.


DO NOT use any solvent that contains oil.
DO NOT lubricate with oil as the film will only attract and hold on to the dirt, where as dry fittings stay cleaner longer.


To keep rods straight in the truck, use 4' of PVC tubing and install at a 45 degree angle on the wall of your truck.

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  • If you are not able to connect the rods, the female quick disconnect may be in the lock position (will not accept the male plug). (Fig. 1)
  • Take a pencil and depress the plunger inside the fitting about 1/4" and hold it there. (Fig. 2)
  • Then grab the outer sleeve and pull it back and hold there, (Fig. 3) then release the pencil. (Fig. 4 )  The outer sleeve should stay back which means the quick disconnect is unlocked and ready to use. (Fig. 5)
  • Another way of telling whether the quick disconnect is locked is to compare the outer sleeve on an unlocked fitting. (Fig. 6)  The outer sleeve on a locked fitting is more forward than the other fitting.