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Duct Cleaning / Vacuums / Hypervac Hybrid
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Hypervac Hybrid

220 Volt Variable Speed 

The Revolution Hybrid was designed by those that actually have done duct cleaning taking into consideration the size and weight. 


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Suction: The 220 Volt Hybrid offers double the suction of most other portable vacuums.  This vacumm is comparable to what many duct trucks are providing while getting the saving advantages of a portable unit.

Design:  The 2 piece design can easily be taken apart for transporting or getting into tight areas and is easy to carry if needed.  The handle slides out for easy storage. At 22" in diameter the vac can fit through any door way.  The 12" wheels have been made to not get caught up on stairs and to assist with maneuvering. The design is unique in that it can work upright or laying on the back side.

Re-Usable Filtration: All 3 stages of filtration are designed to be cleaned and reused hundreds of times. Many users get 500 to 1,000+ uses out of the Nano-Fibre catridges, saving you money. H.E.P.A. are also available.




220 Volt Inverter - Plug the Quick 220 voltage converter into 110/120V outlet.  Connect 220/240V equipment to the Quick 220 outlets and you now have 220/240 volt power.

  • 20 amp capacity, continuos duty, plus momentary over range for starting motors and similar demands
  • To 4400 watts, continuos
  • Light weight, less than 3lbs
  • Small 6.5" x 5" x 3"
  • Portable, easy to use and silent
  • Outlet for 220/240 volt locking plugs
  • Meets UL  Standard 1363






Part # Description Price QTY
Hypervac-Hybrid Hypervac Hybrid $6300.00 USD
220VI 220 Volt Inverter $400.00 USD