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Dryer Vent Cleaning / Dryer Vent Cleaning Tool Packages / Dryer Vent Cleaning Package 1/4" Airline Fitting
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Dryer Vent Cleaning Package with 1/4" Airline Fitting

For professional, fast and efficient cleaning of dryer vents, we recommend the following Dryer Vent Cleaning Package.  Plugged vents are easy to clean with the package.

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1 pc    DV1-40-1/4      40' Blue Skipper Line with SK6W Reverse Ball
1 pc    DV2-40-1/4      40' Blue Skipper Line with SK3 Reverse Spinning Ball
1 pc    DVS-40-1/4      40' Dryer Vent Snake 
1 pc    SS-9                  Reverse Spinning Skipper Ball
1 pc    SS-10                Forward Spinning Skipper Ball 
1 pc    SS-4                  Forward Skipper Ball
1 pc    SS-6                  Reverse Skipper Ball
1 pc    SS-18                Scorpion Spinning Brush 
1 pc    DV-TV-1/4        Thumb Valve with Female QD (2FM2)
1 pc    DV-BV-1/4        Ball Valve with Female QD (2FM2)

Part # Description Price QTY
DVCP-40-1/4 40' Dryer Vent Cleaning Package 1/4" Airline Fitting $538.55 USD