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Duct Cleaning / Tin Snips / Screws / Sheet Metal / Tape
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Tin Snips

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 Lenox Snips
"The best snips I have ever used!" - Trevor Ferns, S.VP

Long Life Blades - Precision formed blades for aviation snips.

Ultimate Spring Durability - Reinforced chrome silicone valve quality wire lasts for a lifetime.

Comfortable Grips - Over molded handles will not slip or twist.

Quick Identification - Colour coding on both blades and handles plus arrow icon allow for easy tool recognition.


Upright Tin Snips
For cutting access holes in tight areas.

Features -

  • Patent pending 90 degrees handle/blade design
  • Unique push or pull cutting motion
  • Snip can turn or rotate in hand while cutting circles
  • Creates ergonomic wrist and hand posture which improves wrist range motion
  • A must for access covered with a drywall ceiling 

Benefits -

  • Makes cutting easier in confined areas in duct work, reaching through an opening, up against a wall or obstruction.
  • Making cutting easier when material cannnot be turned or when working in tight spaces.
  • Improves safety by elevating hands above edges and surfaces.



Part # Description Price QTY
LS-L Lenox Snips (Green Handle CW) $30.00 USD
LS-R Lenox Snips (Red Handle CCW) $30.00 USD
TS-L Upright Tin Snips (Green Handle CW) $41.30 USD
TS-R Upright Tin Snips (Red Handle CCW) $41.30 USD