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Duct Cleaning / Airline Hose Package / Airline / Hose Reel
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Hose Reel



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• Designed for rugged heavy duty applications requiring long lengths of hose.

• Can hold up to 300' of 3/8" hose.

• All bolted unitized construction with no welds to fatigue.

• Full flow swivel and heavy gauge steel frame, spool and drum ensure longest service life.
  This very large swivel fitting is the greatest feature. There is no restriction of air flow.


Dimensions - 22 x 18 x 22 


Hose Reel with 200' of Red Airline and 15' line to connect to tank also available.


  *Hose MUST be inflated before winding onto reel.

Part # Description Price QTY
REEL Reel Craft Hose Reel $517.50 USD
REEL-1/4 Reel Craft Hose Reel w/ 15' line, 1/4" Fittings $556.55 USD
REEL-3/8 Reel Craft Hose Reel w/ 15' line, 3/8" Fittings $568.00 USD
REEL200-1/4 Hose Reel with 200' Airline w/ 1/4" Fittings $949.75 USD
REEL200-3/8 Hose Reel with 200' Airline w/ 3/8" Fittings $972.25 USD