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Duct Cleaning / Vacuums / Compact Truck Mount
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CTM Kubota 56 HP Liquid Cooled Diesel Engine

*Please contact the staff at Heat Seal to discuss availability. 

Heat Seal is proud to announce the next generation of truck mounted vacuums. Mounted across the front of the cargo area, the duct cleaner occupies a total length of 7 feet leaving approximately 7 feet of storage area. Owners have reported excellent truck handling due to ideal weight distribution.


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Has been used with 450' hose. Dynamic suction created by our 39" aluminum and steel, high vacuum fan, made by Heat Seal.

Pacific Ranger Compressor
Pressure set at 240 PSI. 60 gallon tank with 30 CFM.

Hooks up through back of truck.

20 anti-static washable polyester bags which rarely need cleaning. Installed with a chain hanging inside for gentle cleaning while travelling between jobs. Life expectancy - 20 years.

Side Door
Provides easy access to both engine and compressor for ease of operation and maintenance.

Industrial, centrifugal design. With clutch disengaged, engine starts more easily and can be warmed up before putting under load. As engine speed is increased, clutch automatically engages, when clutch returns to idle, it automatically disengages.

Engine Details
Kubota 56HP diesel 4 cylinder 2 year limited warranty.

Truck box size requirements: Inside dimensional width 88" Total machine length 82"

Approximately 4,000lbs.



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