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The Snake has scorpion quick disconnect on ends. Used for smaller ductwork such as cold air returns, supply vents and dryer vents. Made of 1/4" I.D. tubing which is the same plastic as our medium flexible rods (SS-1A). Stiff enough to push forward blowing balls down the return but flexible enough to go around elbows. Can connect to the rods.

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Longer lengths available up to 100'. Add $5.25 for every extra 5'.

Part # Description Price QTY
SN-20 20' Length $53.00 USD
SN-25 25' Length $57.75 USD
SN-30 30' Length $62.50 USD
SN-35 35' Length $67.25 USD
SN-40 40' Length $72.00 USD
SN-45 45' Length $76.75 USD
SN-50 50' Length $81.50 USD
Extra5 5' Extra Length for Snake $5.25 USD

Replacment Fittings - SS-13, SS-14