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Duct Cleaning / Compressors / Auxiliary Tank

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Deluxe Champion Compressor

The most important component of your duct cleaning system is the duct cleaning air compressor.

We recommend our Deluxe Champion Compressor to ensure a complete job with our Van Mounts or Portable Electric Vac.  This duct cleaning air compressor was designed by Heat Seal Equipment at the request of many experienced contractors.

The Deluxe Champion Compressor delivers high pressure air constantly through the duct cleaning job reducing down time waiting for the pressure to build up.  It gives the highest output of any duct cleaning air compressor in the industry.

“Heat Seal has worked with Champion to increase the strength and reliability for the extremely demanding duct cleaning industry."  Trevor Ferns, Senior Vice President

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  • Takes approximately 3 minutes to fill the 30 gallon tank to 240 PSI. Has excellent recovery speed.
  • 13HP Honda motor with electric start.
  • Cast iron compressor with head unloaders.
  • Centrifugal clutch makes it easier to start.
  • Trouble free automatic pressure controls. When 240 PSI is reached, the engine will slow to an idle and the centrifugal clutch will disengage.
  • Weight 450lbs.

Part # Description Price QTY
D-COMP Deluxe Champion Compressor $4200.00 USD
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